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Where have I been??

Oh my, where have I been? It has been so long it is almost too hard to put into perspective. I've been busy with family obligations most of this year but hope to be back here very soon with regular posts. A quick summary of what has occupied my time is that my father was in a serious accident and is very lucky to be alive. Spending time in intensive care and a subsequent stay in the hospital, along with recuperation at our house took a lot of extra attention. Sadly, my dear father-in-law lost his battle with lung cancer early this summer. My dear husband and his siblings spent time providing 24hour care for him during the last few months of his life. We miss him dearly. An loving aunt passed away and that was a difficult time for our family since it was only two weeks after pap passed away. However, on a much happier note, our son is getting married next month! I've been busy working with them to get the invitations made and to get other details together. I also volunteered my time with the Tri State Bass Circuit to help with their stats and web site. Of course, without saying, my job has been busier than ever. I promise to be back very soon! Looking forward to sharing more of what has been going on....some very exciting news to report as soon as I get back from my business trip this week. Stay tuned....

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  1. Nicely done, lady! You have the beginnings of a really nice blog site. More postings, please!!!